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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Little Lady's Closet...

So the LL has a lot of clothes. And by a lot of clothes I mean, more than a closet full. I have somehow found myself lately in the world of the Gymboree Mommies. The Gymboree Mommies exist on the yahoo groups with such names as "Gymboree for you and me" and "Our Gymbo World" and many others. They are also on Ebay en force. It is an interesting phenomeon that I have found myself getting sucked into. I can see where one would could get quite addicted, and in fact, there are Gymboree Yahoo Groups for the addicted and "recovering" as well.
There is no way that Big Guy and I would be able to afford these clothes for LL. I had no plans for LL to have baby clothes that were from anywhere but resale places until BG's mother, Noni, introduced me to the joys of Ebay baby clothes shopping. Now there is nothing that I like more than a deal,l and the only thing I like better than a deal is shopping itself. So when I found that I could not only shop for baby clothes on ebay, I could also SELL LL's outgrown clothes to fund my purchases, I was elated.

Gymboree's marketing is very good, I have to admit, and it is quality clothing. I have had many a stain that I never thought would come out totally erased from Gymboree clothes, unlike cheap outfits from other places. As a mother who was feeling less than beautiful after I gained 70 lbs and only birthed out a total of 20, I can tell you that when my kid looked good, I felt like I looked better. Being that I don't have the money for a tummy tuck while I have a planned C-section (a-la-Brittney Spears), I remained pudgy for a total of one year. Dressing the LL up while I was still wearing my sweats and hadn't washed my hair in 3 days made me feel a little less disgusting.

Gymboree produces children's clothes in "Lines". For example, the line that the LL has the most of is the "City Sidewalk" line. It is black and hot pink and generally adorable. The LL has 3 velour pant suits, 3 turtle necks, one pair of wool pants, 2 shirts, three sweaters, and two other pair of pants from this line. Gymboree also puts out matching shoes, hair accessories, and purses that go with each line. To buy the entire line when it first comes out, I would estimate, would cost over five hundred dollars. Like the Gap, Gymboree has a pretty high turn over for new lines and then discounts what they have left over. This has created another market for their clothing. There is a thriving business plan where Stay At Home Moms (SAHMs) gobble up all the discounted Gymboree and save it until the following year when that season rolls around again. They then place the items on Ebay, listing them as NWT (New With Tags), and charging high shipping. This is also true of many of the message boards for Gymboree that I have "lurked" on. While some mothers are just trying to turn around what their kids wore last year in order to buy more used clothes this year, others have viable at home businesses and are charging a premium for VHTF (Very Hard To Find) items.

So how did I get sucked in you say? Well when you are a part time SAHM, and you can't stand to buy clothes that are a size bigger than normal for yourself, and you like to shop like I do, you find yourself trying to find that last onsie or pair of pants to complete your LL's line. For now, I have sworn off my habit, and now that my PayPal money from selling LL's winter clothes from last year is gone, it wasn't that hard to quit. I am sure when I go to clean LL's closets before we move this spring I will get sucked in again, but for now, her hangers are full, and there is no room for more.


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