Little Lady, Big Guy and Me

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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Today is the First Day....

Little Lady, Big Guy, and Me

So today I decided that after 13.4 months of knowing the little lady in mine and Big Guy's life, our daughter deserves a written record of what was going on around her before she could remember. The first year she was here, I barely could function, let alone record my thoughts. There were too many diapers to change, too many things to clean and wash, too many worries going on in my head to think about how to record her life for her. At the time of her birth, Big Guy was in his first weeks of his MBA program at the University of Michigan. We barely saw each other and I was a mess. When Little Lady was born, on September 16th, we we thankful it was a Thursday and Big Guy didn't have classes on Friday.

So a year went by with me at home, little lady growing at an alarming rate, and Big Guy at school almost all the time. We functioned, but barely. The summer was a wonderful relief. The three of us spent a glorious 12 weeks in the Emerald City, Seattle for those of you who have never been there. Seattle, to me, is hands down the most beautiful city in the world. No where I have I even experienced the fusion of nature and city come together so beautiful and so seamlessly. Seattle, in just a few weeks, proved itself to me. Seattle feels like home.

Now back at school, I am working part time at the Business School Paper (The Monroe Stree Journal ). I can't belief how much more this year I feel like a real person. I applaud all the women and men who are stay-at-home parents. It is the most difficult gig out there. I am not up to the task, and it is nothing that I can say without guilt. But on the other hand, I am much happier working part time so I try and get over my guilt by thinking that because I am happier, Little Lady must be too.

So, Little Lady, if you are reading this somewhere down the line (I suppose that means that we found some way to save the data for you that is beyond me at this moment), know these things...

1) Big Guy and I love you and we have spent the last year in awe of you.
2) Everything Big Guy and I do is (and I am trying not to sound like a crappy Bryan Adams song) for you and your future.
3) We hope you like the outdoors because Seattle is going to be your home. Big Guy and I had to choose between a life in Chicago where your Dad would be gone 4-5days a week, a life in Suburban California where conformity reins, and a life in Seattle where the rain isn't as bad as you have heard (or so we hear...). Anyway, we chose this city with you in mind. Sorry we are taking you so far away from the Nonni, Poppi, Nana and Grandpa but we think it is for the best (and the less they see you the more and better presents they will send you anyway, right?).
4) Big Guy and I are bound to screw you up a bit. That is what parents do. Your Nana and Grandpa did a pretty good job not screwing me up too much so I will try and do my best to make the days on your therapist's couch short. But just know that no one, even Big Guy, is perfect but we try our best.


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