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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

What she is Learning....

So last night I am giving Little Lady a bath. She kept wanting to touch my eye, poke it really. So I ask her, "Where is your eye?" and she pokes her own eye. So we go down the list, eyes, ears, head, nose, hair, mouth and then she astounds me by learning where her teeth are in about 30 seconds. How did this happen? We worked on "Where is your nose?" for months and went though a period of time where she wanted to touch everyone (EVERYONE) she met on the nose. It freaked me out a little because I know Big Guy and I need to start censoring ourselves.

Big Guy and I still don't think twice if LL sees us naked. What is the cut off line for that? Seriously, I don't want to scar the LL but I also don't want to teach her that being naked is something that is wrong or bad. I remember seeing the Nana naked when I was about 12. My biggest thought (that I remember of couse) was "Are my boobs going to look like THAT?" So I am guessing (Since I am not too scared by that experience) that LL can see me naked until she has the gumption to run away. But what about Big Guy? BG sleeps in the buff, and has since (well to his admission anyway) he was in high school. He gets out of bed that way and brushes his teeth that way. That is about the time that LL busts in on him in the bathroom every morning. I am beginning to wonder if that is inappropriate. Although, how else is she going to learn that Big Guy has different parts than she does? And if she is that "in to" knowing her own body parts why shouldn't she know all of them?

A friend of mine told me that she was telling her son the proper name for his Penis by the tender age of 3 months. When I said that I didn't know what I would tell LL because I hate the word Vagina, the statement was met with a sharp inhale of breath. "You HAVE to tell her the proper names of things!" she nearly yelled at me. "You'll scar her, and make her ashamed of herself!". I didn't know that much was riding on me telling LL she had a vagina and not a lulu or a gigi or some other nonsense. I am not ashamed of my own "girl parts" I just don't like the chosen name for said part.

As of now, I am avoiding the whole thing. I am sure some day LL will ask me but as of now her list of parts stops at Belly Button and doesn't do any further down the line. And as for Big Guy and his buff little behind, I'll let him decide. I am sure there are a million ways that we could screw Little Lady up, and if someday she is afraid to use the words penis and vagina, I'll chalk that one up to my Midwestern upbringing, laugh, and blame the Nana.


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